10 Gifts for Dog Lovers without Dogs

Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

1. Dogs over People sweatshirt +

2. Dogs over People shirt

These gifts are perfect for dog lovers with a sense of humor.

The sweatshirt is unisex, and has a bigger ok margin of error for if you’re not sure what size the recipient wears. The t-shirt is for women, and has a slimming fit.

3. Hello Beautiful Mug + Hello Handsome Mug

All “magic mugs” on our store transform into white when you pour hot liquid into it, revealing a vibrant design on the mug. When not in use, the mugs are black, and the designs are barely visible.

If you’re looking for an unusual gift, we really recommend these! Here’s a video that illustrates the magic mug transformation (opens in a new tab).

4. Pug Coasters

These coasters would go perfectly as a set with the mugs above. They come in beautiful packaging (refer to images on the pug coasters product page), making them ideal for a gift.

They also make great housewarming gifts.

5. Woof Hoodie +

6. AOTL Original Champion Pug Hoodie

Here are great gifts for stylish people.

These hoodies are unisex, and are made of tough material. The woof hoodie’s design is stitched on, while the pug design on the Champion hoodie (yes, that Champion brand. BTW the hoodie is amazingly soft and warm) is printed.

For a more lightweight hoodie, go with the woof hoodie. For a thicker one, go with the Champion Pug hoodie.

7. Naps and Snacks Large Tote Bag

For the one that’s always on the go, this is a great practical gift that’s also funny. This oversized tote bag can hold up to 6 gallons and 30 lbs.

As a plus, this bag is made of 100% certified organic cotton twill. Your eco-conscious friend or family will appreciate that.

8. Pug Beanie +

9. Pug Hat

We see animal logos everywhere on apparel and accessories, but how often do you see dogs on them? Our pug beanies and pug hats have our pug design stitched in gold, which adds a classy touch.

These are some of our favorite gifts to give as they are one size fits all and unisex.

10. Bracelet with Paw

These bracelets come in 3 options- 24k gold, 18K rose gold, and white rhodium.

They are easy to gift since they are one size fits all; they all use adjustable black string chords. They also come in a black leatherette box, making them perfect for gifts.

Choose the grow bracelet for that person embracing their transformation stage, the now bracelet for the person that practices mindfulness, the hope bracelet for the one that could use the reminder to keep hope, and the love bracelet for just about anyone 🙂