Athletic Pug Tips

People always say that Aji is the most athletic-looking pug they’ve ever seen. The funny thing is that he’s not even that active, although, yes, he’s pretty athletic. Here are my very simple yet highly practical tips on keeping your dog fit.

[Disclaimer: I’m not a vet nor a health specialist. I’m providing advice strictly from my own experience and research.]

1. Provide snacks high in fiber

Fiber keeps the digestive system healthy and flushes certain toxins out of the body. Below are some snacks or meal toppers that Aji enjoys. Keep in mind that the fruits listed at the end are sugary, and you may want to give them to your dog sparingly. Also, health experts recommend that you introduce new foods to your dog slowly and with caution.

Here are the foods: pumpkin puree (usually the first thing I give Aji when he’s having digestive issues), carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peas, edamame, chia seeds, strawberries, apples, raspberries, blueberries, bananas

Bonus tip: Aji will eat anything you give him, but if you have a pickier pup, try experimenting with raw vs boiled foods or adding a flavor they enjoy such as salmon oil or natural peanut butter.

2. Have your dog engage in high-intensity exercise at least once a day

Aji usually gets short and high intensity exercise at least once a day, whether that’s playing and wrestling with other dogs at the dog park, sprinting down a few blocks during one of our walks, or playing fetch at home.

Walks burn energy, but it’s really when the heart rate goes up and your breathing gets faster that the body goes through transformation.

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You've probably never heard of tip #4, which I attribute to my own fast metabolism.
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