aji off the leash creates unique and high-quality gifts for dog lovers. “Aji” is pronounced ah-jee, and is named after my dog 🙂 Although we’re based in California, we produce and ship products worldwide, usually from USA or Europe.

I founded aji off the leash because I couldn’t find products to showcase my love for dogs in my style.

After coming across lots of kitschy products while shopping, I decided to create my own designs by hiring designers and also by deepening my own design and photography skills.

While I find immense pleasure in expressing creativity through unique designs, my main intention is to provide high-quality items that you can enjoy for yourself for a long time or that you can gift to someone special with confidence.

Below are pictures from our actual manufacturing centers and hubs.

I’m proud to say that after only a month since we opened up shop, we were already been featured on places like and [Celebrity Parents Magazine].

Our team is working hard to continuously add new designs and products. If you have any suggestions at all, contact us at info@ajiofftheleash.com. Don’t be shy 🙂

Finally, just wanted to say thanks so much for supporting small businesses!!

– Aji’s human + founder of aji off the leash

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