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AOTL Original Motif Treat Pouch



I know what you’re thinking. This treat pouch doesn’t even look like a treat pouch.

This one doesn’t have twenty compartments or a water bottle holder. But you know what? This treat pouch isn’t ugly or bulky either.

For those of us that just need to be able to train our dogs hands-free with a few essential features, here’s a chic treat pouch designed with the aji off the leash original motif.

✔ Water-resistant
✔ Adjustable straps for comfort in two sizes
✔ Additional small inside pocket
✔ Two zippers for easy handling
✔ Hand cut and sewn

Hint: If you don’t like attaching your doggy bag dispenser onto the leash, simply clip the dispenser onto the strap of this treat pouch like the image in the product gallery. Most doggy bag dispensers come with a clip. You could also use a spring snap.

 And for stylin’ pet parents: a dog treat pouch to howl about! Most treat pouches look the same, this one has a unique motif featuring a dog silhouette[….] so fun and fashionable you’ll want to wear it as a purse!

Good Morning Arizona (click here for article)


View treat pouch in action here [Instagram post opens in new tab]


➝ 100% polyester
➝ H 6.5” (16 cm), W 13” (33 cm), D 2¾” (7 cm)
➝ 1¼” wide adjustable straps
➝ Hand sewn product
➝ Shipped from USA and EU
➝ Made in USA

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Size guide
Circumference (inches) 27 ⅝-37 ¾ 35 ⅜-52 ⅜
Circumference (cm) 70-96 90-133


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